FUTEBOL: The Alternative World Cup

I am working with Sarah Weatheral to get this World Cup themed show into more venues for the summer.


When the first football landed in Brazil in 1894 - An alternative World Cup for young Londoners who will be watching the World Cup on television in 2014. A story of triumph over conformity with audacious football skills! The storyBrazilian-Scot Charles Miller returns to São Paolo in 1894, from the UK, bringing the first football to Brazil. He enthusiastically introduces the game to British and Portuguese managerial classes. But Brazilian workers face many obstacles in their attempts to join the team. Inspired by Afro-Brazilian culture of Capoeira and a type of Samba called Muindinho, they finally triumph over doubt and prejudice. Their story is told with a flash-forward to a female footballer in 2013.

The audience become spectators at a football match, held on 3 sides, in the traverse or the round. Lyrical, percussive, The Alternative World Cup is narrated by Saci Pererê a Brazilian folklore character through call and response. Saci Pererê enjoys creating mischievous chaos encouraging the audience to show their enthusiasm for the players. Flags, music and playfulness abound! Characters include: Charles Miller, Saci Pererê, Artur Friedenreich, one of Brazil's first mixed-heritage club footballers and Elza a female player.

#touring #dancetheatre

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