I Look: I Divine

Having seen my dear friend Mark Kydd in a new one man show in Glasgow, I was keen to exercise my producing muscles and make a peice of work with him.

The result was I Look: I Divine which we presented at Brighton Fringe 2013, in association with Pink Fringe at the Marlborough.

I Look Divine is an obscure American novella about two brothers, both gay. Mark long thought it would make a good solo piece and felt parallels with his own life. (IE he is also one of two gay brothers)

Having had a problem with rights previously, we were both keen to secure the adaptation rights for this book, so I embarked on a search. It is a complicated business finding out who to approach, it was a number of months work. Curiously this hunt ended in a dead end.

We were despondent, especially Mark, when I asked him how he would include his own situation in the adaptation. His cogitating pause allowed me to suggest he embark on a more original piece, using his own experiences as the core of the show. We later developed the script to include elements of what we discovered about the author of the book.

Ultimately we ended up with a much more interesting and engaging piece and Mark's first foray into writing has revealed a hidden talent. The debut shows revealed a coherent, compelling piece of autobiographical storytelling that garnered very immediate responses from the audience.

The original page for this work is HERE

A dedicated page for the production is HERE

EDIT Jan 2014 - This is re-titled there were two brothers and we are working towards a new production in the autumn 2014.

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